Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Seven Pointed Expansion: Rock, Paper, Scissors with Lizard, Spock, Devil, and Love

An expansion based upon the game Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock as introduced at large to the public.  In this case the two new items are Love and the Devil.   Using the sign language love gesture and Illuminati Devil sign. Love looks like hang loose symbol but with index finger expanded.

New rules for Love to win

1. Love beats the Devil, period.

2. Uhura's Love overcomes Spock.

3. Love gets carved into a Rock.

New rules for Love to loose

4. Lizard People ignore Love.

5. Scissors cuts a heart (love) in two.

6. Dear John letter (paper) breaks a love bond

New rules for Devil to win

7. Devil controls the Lizard People.

8. Devil uses a paper to write a mean message.

9. Devil runs with Scissors to hurt people.

New rules for Devil to loose

10. Spock's Logic outwits the Devil

11. Rock and Roll blocks the Devil's negative power

12. Love beats the Devil, period.

The addition of Love and the Devil reduces the chances from the original 1/3 with Rock, Paper, Scissors to 1/7.  This game is an additional level of complexity based on the game created by Sam Kass and Karen Bryla. The seven hand gestures make up Heptagon which is basically seven overlapped Star Trek icons.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Monaco Exclusive Economic Zone Flag

Monaco like all nations with an international coastline has an Exclusive Economic Zone flag.  The flag is based upon the variant flag of Monaco but has EEZ colours of black and green substituted.  It maintains the white version diamonds of Monaco's flag.

Diamond Pattern Flag is Based on Monaco's Arms: Iron Man 2 - 2010
The diamond flag/arms appeared briefly in Iron Man 2 - 2010.  

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Monaco Contiguous Zone Flag

Like all nations with an international coastline, Monaco is entitled to a Contiguous Zone.  Subsequently the Contiguous Zone flag is needed as well.  The Contiguous Zone is an international zone and partially under the rule of a particular nation.  In this case Monaco's security forces and coast guard reign supreme, yet it considered international waters.

This flag is based upon the variant flag of Monaco.  Monaco's primary flag is a match for the flag of Indonesia, and secondly like Singapore.  Monaco is the Singapore of the West, or rather Singapore is the Monaco of the East?  Finally Monaco's flag is also an upside down version of Poland, or rather Poland is an upside down flag of Monaco?

Monaco as it Appeared in Iron Man 2 - 2010 with Flags

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Braille Letter Z Flag, Zebra

The Braille flag for the letter Z is orange and blue.  The colours represent the number 25.  However Z is the 26th letter in the alphabet.  This is because the letter W was shifted to position 40, consequently Z gets a one spot upgrade to position 25 instead of its natural position of 26.

Braille Letter Y Flag, Yankee

The Braille Letter Y Flag is represented by the colours orange and green, which are coded to 24.  Y is normally coded to 25, but since W was sifted to position 40, Y is upgraded to position 24. 

Braille Letter X Flag, X-Ray

The Braille Letter X flag uses the colours orange and yellow.  Together these colours represent the number 23, but X is the 24th letter of the alphabet.  But this is how the Braille alphabet flows since W was shifted to position 40.

Braille Letter W Flag, Wiskey

The Braille flag for W is a little different.  The colours code for position 40, since green in 4 and white is 0.  Normally W is the 23rd letter in the alphabet, but since Braille was created by the French, Mr. Braille, it was added later after it was widely adopted and spread the English speaking world.  Another neat fact is that it is of the few brl symbols to resemble one of the famous Tetris pieces.