Monday, April 23, 2018

Bluntman and Chronic vs Cocknocker: the Emblems - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001

The Hemp Knight, also known as Bluntman, is an off the wall superhero who appears in the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001.  The emblem of Bluntman has a yellow pentagon with a five leaved plant on top.   The colours of his suit are black, yellow, green, and purple.  His side kick is Chronic whose emblem features an irregular shaped disc with a cigarette of some sort in the middle.  Chronic's superhero colours are grey, red, and black.

The nemesis of Bluntman and Chronic is Cocknocker, who uses the colours blue, yellow and black.  Cocknocker has an oversized right hand and carries a flaming sword. 

Sometimes you hit the lottery, and sometimes the lottery hits you.  Never mind, since Kevin Smith was able to beat the system and become a trailblazer for the next generation, often ignored by the powers that be.  Smith smashed opened the gates of Hollywood and was able to bring a voice to the hometown underdogs of New Jersey, the original Hollywood of America. 

US Flag in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001

US flag at Leonardo, NJ in the 1970s in front of Quick Stop Groceries - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001.  Jay and Silent Bob were a new type of campy and edgy comedy that the Big Wigs in Hollywood overlooked.  However director Kevin Smith was able to rise to the top and showcase the life of people outside under the radar of Hollywood lights.  Today such comedies are a mainstay.  People always say, they should make about "this and that".  Well, Keven Smith scrounged up the balls to follow through, and became pathfinder for a new generation.

The US flag makes a clear centered appearance 'during the filming of Good Will Hunting II - Hunting Season.'  Here a snobby person is getting 'hunted' for being so arrogant.

You can just barely see and a reversed American flag sticker next to the clerk, Dante.  It was with the movie Clerks 1994 that started the launch of the legendary duo: Jay and Silent Bob.

A celebration of crass, raunchy, yet honest American humor of the likes of George Carlin, Jersey Style.  Although seemingly stupid at times, it is deeply intelligent when you look deep enough.

Mooby Flags - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001

Mooby's is a fictional company in the Jay and Silent Bob universe.  It is burger joint that has the colours of violet and yellow.  Somewhat based upon American fast food restaurants, its feature role was from the movie Dogma 1999 as the place of the 'Golden Cow.'

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Goonies II Shield - Nintendo Game

 A coat of arms appears on the knight in the Goonies II game for Nintendo. The arms are hard to make out but you can see it on the enemy shield.  There was a Goonies I video game, but it was not released for the Nintendo console in the USA.  It was released in Japan!  However an arcade version of the Goonies I video game was made public in the USA. 

A Goonies II movie is still possible!

Operation Wolf - Trooper Insignia 1987

In 1987 the movies featuring Hollywood actors spilled over into creative Cold War atmosphere of coin operated video games.  Gun video games are an old thing, but perhaps the best original game that came with two buttons was Operation Wolf  by Taito.  This game was truly one of the first first person shooters to hit a high mark in the 1980s.  Although the standard thumb game controller is the main item of now, a controller that looked like a real life weapon was used in Operation Wolf.

Of vexillological consequence are the insignia upon our hero.  A coat of arms appear as patch upon his beret in the first cut scene.  It has dark green field with a three striped yellow sinister bend.

Our hero gets a new hat because the patch changes direction.  In the later cut scene the beret arms patch changes unto a sinister yellow and red dexter bend. 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Space Cobra Adventure - Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend 1991

In Matthew Sweet's song Girlfriend 1991, the Anime series from Space Cobra Adventure is in the background.  Of vexillological significance is the triangle insignia from the series.

Sweet wrote this sweet song, that just opened the feels of the 1990s, distinct from the 1980s.  Goodbye hair metal, rock took on a more soulful grunge character.

Upon the shoulder of one of the tech guys is circular insignia with two stripes indicating his allegiance and rank.

Here is another guy with a triangle insignia upon his hat. The insignia is gold with a small circle near the right side.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Flag of a United Timor - Timordonesian Flag

The United Ethnic Timor flag combines the flags of Indonesia and East Timor.  Often it is after fierce political separation that painful horrors from yesterday are passed down to the next generation.  Sometimes the hard memory increases with intensity and sometimes it dissolves.  Yet, the time will come when a boy from East Timor should fall in love from a girl from West Timor.  Consequently souls born of this union have the right to fly this flag.

You can't control it, love happens, and knows no boundaries.  Black women fall in love with white men, Christian-Germans fall in love with Jewish-Israelis, Baptist men from Texas sometimes take Muslim wives from Arabia, and every once and a while a meat and potatoes Republican will marry a sexy Democrat. Love happens.

Some may not like it, but love is a slow kind of gravity that overcomes the other with a healing grace.