Sunday, November 19, 2017

Klingon Republic - California Style

Here is the California flag with a Klingon Targ, which is sort of like a Klingon Boar.  If you didn't know, Klingon's are fictional aliens in the Star Trek Universe.  They are a rather warlike species and its seen in way of all things Klingon.

Here is the flag with Klingon Script on the California flag. It reads phonetically "Qalighrnya Republiq." Also the star has been changed into the Klingon Emblem.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

National Geographic Society Flag in Different Languages

In French this is what the flag should look like.

National Geographic Society in Japanese, at least this is one way when translating directly to meaning instead seeing the concepts of National, Society, and Geography and foreign.

This is the Thai Version of National Geographic Society.

In Hebrew we have National Geographic Society.

National Geographic Society in Korean.

National Geographic Society in Russian.

In Sanskrit we have the National Geographic Society Flag.

 National Geographic in Georgian Script.

 National Geographic Society in Klingon!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Christmas North Polarized Flags for West Virginia and Wyoming

Merry Christmas!  It is that time again when two select flags get decked out with the Holiday Spirit.  In this case the chosen two were West Virginia and Wyoming.  These two flags are connected in a special providential way, as fraternal flag partners.  Besides being starting with the letter W, both states are home to mountaineers.  On the fly-right side of the flag they both have men with pick-axes and are standing in a unique American heraldic style. 

The key link with flags is the border or frame, that connects these two states of the Mountain on the East Coast and the West Coast.  No doubt, many a West Virginian would find Wyoming very welcoming, and vice versa.  West Virginia is the penultimate state created during the US Civil War in the mother of all states, Virginia.  Coincidentally Wyoming was the last state to be named after the Civil War.  Consequently West Virginia carries the deepest of scars from that war amongst brothers, yet Wyoming is completely new, born in an American after the end of slavery.  Likewise Wyoming was also created at major cultural revolutionary point, whereby both genders were given the right to have their voices heard and lead.

Like the other Holiday US State Flags, holiday designs on the seals are set to night.  In this case two elves appear on the West Virginia flag.  Next to the hoist-left elf is a red wagon with a doll in red wagon, a giraffe, and a rocking horse.  Next to the fly-hoist elf are two big play balls, two teddy bears, and a wrapped purple present.  Instead of guns crossed with a liberty cap, we have two long trumpets with a Santa hat.  Likewise the state motto is missing, replaced by trumpet banners that announce "JOY" and "NOEL."

For Wyoming, the Bison has been replaced with a Camel.  In the seal the Equal Rights Goddess is dressed as the Christmas Shepherd's Angel harking to the shepherds, pointing out the Star of Bethlehem.  The two supporting men are dressed, of course, as shepherds.  Again the pick-axe has been turned into a shepherd's crook while the rope is now a shepherd's whistle.   

 Below is the are the official flags next to holiday designs for comparison.  Merry Ho, Ho, and much gratitude for the Veterans of the USA and the World, may the spirit of peace visit your heart.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

African-American St. Louis Pride Flag

The St. Louis African-American Pride takes the official flag of St. Louis and changes it with Pan-African Colours.

African-American Mississippi Pride Flag

Like the African-American flag designed by David Hammons, the African-American Mississippi Pride flag takes the official flag and modifies it with Pan-African colours.  In this case, the intensity of the flag seems to invert and speaks of Black Pride. Yellow is added and gives the flag a Jamaican flavor.  Usually the colour red is conserved in Hammons-type flags, but only the bottom red band is maintained to remind us that blood is red in all peoples.  And note, the Jamaican flag has a yellow cross and no stars, also the left and right wings are black.  However the green and black wings are reversed, to distinguish this flag from Jamaica and Dominicana; yet it allows a connection to be noticed. 

Dominica is the little sister of Jamaica who everyone always overlooks and mistakes for the Dominican.  Like Jamaica they speak English in the Dominica, but in the Dominican they speak Spanish.

But remember, many African-Americans are double transplants.  Perhaps the most popular doubly seasoned transplant of America is the Scotch-Irish, who were originally from Scotland, then moved to Ireland, and then moved to the USA.  Likewise this flag pays homage to the double transplant of Afro-Caribbean Americans who were originally from Africa, then transplanted to the Caribbean and then to the USA.

Like the Scotch-Irish Americans, the Afro-Caribbish Americans are an essential and delicious element of American Pie.

Monday, November 6, 2017

African-Christian Church Flag

The African-Christian Church flag is based upon the regular Christian Church flag, but with Pan-African colours.  Like the Hammons African-American flag, the colour red is conserved and Kwanzaa colours of red and black are included.  Red is always conserved because the blood every Christian is always red, regardless of skin tone.

The popular Christian flag has a field of white with a blue canton and red cross.  The unity point between these two flags is the red cross.

African-Israel Pride Flag

The African-Israel Pride flag takes the Pan-African colours and unites it with the flag of Israel.  Perhaps the most famous African-Israelite was Sammy Davis Jr.  Likewise the are many Black-Israelites who live in Dimona, Israel

The central star sparkles with red edges and yellow center. Although these Hebrews have black skin in the their hearts, they are deeply connected to Judaism by faith and blood.