Sunday, February 5, 2012

America's Pre-Bicentennial Flag for 1576

America's Pre-Bicentennial took place on July 4, 1576 two hundred years before the official birth of the United States.  Since Spain had free run on the continent of that epoch the Colonial Spanish Burgundy Flag is in the Canton and a modern motif of Spain is in the the field.  The red burgundy cross has 13 white stars on it that foretell the future coming of the 13 rebellious colonies that would arise two hundred years later.

The only one 'state' area was settled by Spain since 1565, which would become a part of the future United States: Florida.  On July 4, 1576 the founders of Florida were at war with England, the Netherlands, and France during the Eighty Years War.   Also note that the territory of Spanish Florida included much of the South Eastern United States.

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